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(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Can I request a certain Guide for my hunt?
    Alot of our clients are considered repeats as they have hunted with a certain Guide no matter what Outfitter they worked for at the time of their previous hunt. So we get asked quite a bit if they can be teamed up with "Guide A" or "Guide B" during their hunt. Our answer is, OF COURSE! Now, this depends on the availability of the Guide you prefer, but as long as they are available, we will set you up with them.
  • Whats included if I book a hunt?
    We provide basic lodging, guide, field and trophy care, transportation during hunt, airport pickup/drop off as well as animal pack out. Food can be included for an additional $250 or other arrangements can be made. Contact our outfit for more information.
  • How many days are your guided hunts?
    Kolob Outfitters offers 5 day hunts on all Big Game animals. We hunt Monday through Saturday, with Sundays off to give our good graces to God!
  • How does booking and paying work?
    Generally, like all Outfits, we require a 50% deposit to book your hunt. This deposit is non refundable, and the remaining balance of your hunt is due no later than 3 days prior to the start of your scheduled hunt. Paying after the final balance due date is subject to late fees if the Outfitters decide. If you need to pay after the 3 day deadline, make payment arrangements or have an unforseen circumstance, just contact our Outfit and we are always willing to work something out.
  • I can't make my scheduled hunt, can I get a refund?"
    Unfortunately, hunt deposits and balances are non refundable no matter what Outfit you book with. Most Outfitters won't tell you why, but we like to be upfront with everyone. The Deposit you pay is usually long gone and spent within the first few days after you book. This money goes to the necessary permit costs, insurance and other costs associated with our pre season work like gear, gas and food while our team is scouting for your hunt. But, we also understand that some things are out of our clients control, and plans can change in an instant. So in the event that you have to cancel your hunt, we will honor your deposit for the following year including any money you have paid beyond your initial booking. In the off chance that you can't make it the next year, contact the Outfit and explain and we may work out a deal to make sure you're taken care of.
  • I didn't kill an animal, can I have a refund?"
    Unfortunately, this is a common question asked alot and the simple, fastest answer is no. This is because we cannot guarantee that you will successfully kill an animal because we cannot control things like weather, animal movement and pressure as well as other hunters in the area. We do our best and work hard to give you an opportunity, but we cannot promise that every situation is under our full control.
  • Why book a guided hunt?
    This is probably the most asked question Outfitters and Guides are asked... There are many reasons to book, so heres 3 of some of the more important reasons. 1. Time - Guides and Outfitters generally spend more time in the mountains than just your average DIY hunter. This means they see more animals usually but can also keep track of target animals for their clients throughout the seasons. The time spent by the guide saves the client time so to speak. This way you can spend more time with your family, and more time at work without having to sacrifice family and vacation time. 2. Knowledge - Alot of times, clients book because they are either from a different state or have never hunted a specific unit but drew a tag for that unit. Our Guides know their areas better than most, which puts the ball in the clients court! Booking a guided hunt definitely improves a clients chances of not only seeing animals, but also gives the client a higher opportunity percentage than going into an area with no knowledge. 3. Safety - For out of state clients mainly, saftey plays a huge role in any hunt. Booking a hunt means you won't be traversing the mountains alone in unfamiliar country, and gives your family and friends peace of mind knowing that you are with someone else. All our Guides are required to not only be licensed and knowledgable, but they are required by the Outfitter to have a current First Aid and CPR certification through a state approved provider like The American Red Cross. Our guides are also required to carry basic first aid kits with them, as well as some form of communication whether that be a Cell Phone, Sat Phone or GPS System with communication capability.
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